May 16, 2014

The Philippine team composed of Robert Garcia, Mac Begornia, Don Espinola and David Pelino participated at the annual Kijono Squash Cup held in Jakarta, Indonesia last May 16-18. A regional cup participated by countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan and the Philippines, it is the first international tournament of the team this year.

Robert Garcia was the lone seeded (10th) Philippine player in the tournament. Easily beating his first round opponent, Satria Laksana from Indonesia in straight sets -- 11-5 / 11-4 / 11-4 . Robert moved to the second round facing 7th seed Wassem Gul of Pakistan.

Don Espinola, the youngest player in the team faced the no. 1 seeded player in the tournament, Vivian Rahmanan of Singapore. Nerves overtook Don Don in this match. He was not able to settle down and lost in three straight sets 11-4 / 11-3 / 11-4.

David Pelino had a tough first round loss to 4th seed Indonesian Sandi Aresma. Although David lost in straight sets 11-8 / 11-6 / 11-4, the score did not show how hard the Indonesian had to earn his points versus the young unseeded Pilipino.

Mac Begornia likewise had a challenging first round match as he faced 8th seed Muh Mukhlashin of Malaysia. Games were long and hard. Each set could have gone to either way but Mukhlashin showed his international experience by delivering the critical shots when needed. The Malaysian won in straight sets 11-9 / 13-11 / 15-13.