Kijono Cup Jakarta, Indonesia - Update

May 17, 2014

In the second round, Robert faced a tall and bulky Pakistani in the name of Wassem Gul. It was the most exciting 2nd round match as it filled the seats of the center to the top. The games see-sawed as the Pakistani won the 1st and 3rd sets while Robert took the 2nd and 4th set; the fifth set was toe to toe until 7-6 with Robert trailing by 1. The shoving, pushing, blocking that the Pakistani resorted to resulted in 4 lets, before the Pakistani made it 8-6. In the following play, Robert hit two tins and the Pakistani hit a match ending winner. The win could have put Robert in the top 8, for the round robin matches. Not this year.

With Don, David and Mac losing their first round matches, they enter the plate series.

Don, still reeling from his loss to the Singaporean couldn't quite get into the groove and also lost his first round match in the plate versus Raphael Gnin of Indonesia.

David and Mac on the other hand advanced easily to the semi finals of the plate series. In the semis, David and Mac faced each other and Mac prevailed winning in 3 sets. Mac reaches the finals of the plate series facing Yonas Belo of Indonesia.